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Apt/Flat for Rent(by Agent)

Title Monthly RentAddress
Horizon resort/2 bdrs/well-kept/modern style/metro/mall/SIP (Industrial Park) January 19  5800 CNY Suxiu Road
East lake, 2090sqm, 4br 2baths, modern furnishings, good condition, nice quiet compound,close to met (Industrial Park) January 18  6000 nanshi jie
Leidisen square, modern 2br in good condition, very mature complex, gym ,near metro (Industrial Park) January 18  5000 shen xu lu
Baitang No.1/185 sqm/central ac/new furnitures//bonitical garden (Industrial Park) January 18  6000 Xingtang Street
Bayside Garden/loft/central ac/brand new/first rent/time square (Industrial Park) January 18  6000 -
Big garden/basement/well-kept/modern style/mall/metro/SIP (Industrial Park) January 18  10000 CNY Dongshahu Road
The summit,brandly new compound,2brs,9.5k,located in the CBD center of SIP (Industrial Park) January 18  9500 Xincheng Street
the Summit/2 bdrs/high floor with view/first rent/Suzhou Center (Industrial Park) January 17  8000 West Suzhou Avenue
Suzhou Center/2 bdrs+2bathrs/floor-heating+central ac/first rent (Industrial Park) January 17  11000 Xinghan Street
HLCC, times square,very nice 2br with lake view, floor heating, central ac, CBD (Industrial Park) January 17  8500 si an jie
Moon Bay, dushu lake, modern 3rooms 1baths,near metro ,neighbbourhood center (Industrial Park) January 17  4500 qiyue jie
Bayside agrden, brand new 2br with central ac, famous expats complex, gym ,pool,club (Industrial Park) January 17  6000 ling long jie
4 bdrs/floor heating/modern style/CBD area/metro/well-kept/SIP (Industrial Park) January 17  8500 CNY Suhui Road
Brand new 4rooms, 2baths, close to Dulwich school etc, Aeon mall and metro station (Industrial Park) January 16  7000 feng mao xiang
Skyline, high floor, good view 2br, brand new,nanshi metro (Industrial Park) January 16  7000 nanshi jie
Suzhou Center/central ac+floor-heating/2 rooms/nice lakeview (Industrial Park) January 16  9000 Xinghan Street
Global 188/127 sqm/3 rooms/cbd of SIP/near metro/Xinghai Square (Industrial Park) January 15  9000 Suhui Road
Harmony Residence,320sqm, floor heating 4br 3baths, 2kitchens, excellent decoration, nice price with (Industrial Park) January 15  24000 hau chi jie
Harmony Residence, Empty floor heating ,200sqm, 3br,built in oven, wonderful lakeview (Industrial Park) January 15  18000 hauchi jie
DUshu lake, very nice 1br with central ac, bathtub&shower,high quality apt (Industrial Park) January 13  5000 qiyue jie
Xinghai square metro station very nice 2br on high floor with central ac (Industrial Park) January 13  6000 xing han jie
Grace residence/central ac+floor heating/time square/metro (Industrial Park) January 13  6000 Xiandai Avenue
Frazer suite, Modern 3br 2baths, Nice price, near suzhou center mall (Industrial Park) January 12  9500 su hui lu
Brand new/ 2 bdrs/floor heating/modern furniture/parking/SIP (Industrial Park) January 12  12000 CNY Linglong
Grace Residence, floor heating 2br very nice decoration, famous expats complex (Industrial Park) January 11  7500 he zhong jie
Landmark skylight ,modern 3br 2baths, built in oven, CBD, suzhou center mall (Industrial Park) January 11  6500 xing han jie
Join In The Grand/farbulous lakeview/3 layers/Suzhou Center (Industrial Park) January 11  25000 Suxiu Rd
East Side Garden/floor-heating/brand new/metro/botanical garden (Industrial Park) January 11  6000 Xingtang Street
Sams Club/4 bdrs/brand new/modern/quality furniture/SIP (Industrial Park) January 11  24000 CNY Donghualin street
Phoenix apt,2br,modern fixture,first time for rent,good condition,metro (Industrial Park) January 11  7500 Xingdu Street
Bayside Garden,near the jinji lake, well kept 3br 1bath, mature complex (Industrial Park) January 10  5300 ling long jie
Grace Residence, floor heating 3br 2bath, very nice decorsation, famous expats complex (Industrial Park) January 10  9000 xiandai avenue
Central Park/central ac/near metro/time square/neighborhood center (Industrial Park) January 10  3800 Jiuhua Road
Marina Cove garden/first floor with basement&garden/new furnitures (Industrial Park) January 10  27000 Xinghan Street
Global188,2br,good condition,modern decoration,metro,high building,enjoy the lake view (Industrial Park) January 10  6800 Xinghan Street,Suhui Road, SIP
Central park/Time Square/4bdrs/floor heating/modern/SIP (Industrial Park) January 10  10000 CNY Jiuhua Road
Landmark Skylight/3 bdrs/near metro/well-kept/Suzhou Center (Industrial Park) January 09  6500 Xinghan Street
Lake side palace,enjoy the lake view,3br,2baths,first time for rent,metro (Industrial Park) January 09  8200 Hezhong Street, Xiandai Roard
The summit , brand new 2br 1bath, very famous management ,good location which is close to metro and (Industrial Park) January 09  8000 suzhou dadao
1st floor with big garden and basement, luxury house near Aeon mall,metro and internationalschools (Industrial Park) January 09  15000 zhong nan jie
1st floor with big garden and basement, luxury house near Aeon mall,metro and internationalschools (Industrial Park) January 09  15000 zhong nan jie
4 bdrs apt /next to international schools/ modern/floor heating/SIP (Industrial Park) January 09  6500 CNY Fengmao Xiang
Landsea international Block/constant temperature,Oxygen,humidit (Industrial Park) January 08  6000 Jin Liang Street
SIP,west lake, 155sqm, 2br 2baths with balcony, central ac, built in oven (Industrial Park) January 08  12000 suxiu lu
Sip, high tech compound, constant temperature, save much AC fee in winter and summer (Industrial Park) January 08  6000 jin liang jie
Harmony city,2br,2baths,135sqm,first time for rent,close to times square,bank,metro,upscale flat (Industrial Park) January 08  9500 Wangdun Road,Zhongyuan street
Royal park mansion, floor heating 3br 2 baths,amlost brand new, near international achool (Industrial Park) January 06  5500 feng mao xiang
Royal park mansion, floor heating 3br 2 baths,amlost brand new, near international achool (Industrial Park) January 06  5500 feng mao xiang
Moon Bay/3 rooms/near metro/central AC/near XJTLU/first rent (Industrial Park) January 06  4500 Yueliangwan Road
Global 188/well-kept/metro/suzhou Center Mall/cbd of Sip (Industrial Park) January 06  10000 Xinghai Street