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Apt/Flat for Rent(by Agent)

Title Monthly RentAddress
SIP,brand new 3br 2baths, floor heating,very cost-effective!!avalibale from now on (Industrial Park) July 24  5000CNY xing tang jie
Time City/fully furnished/4brms/very good quality/near to international school July 24  6100 xiandai avenue
Baitang No1/4 bdr/189 sqm/near metro/first rent/nice environment (Industrial Park) July 24  7000 Xingtang Street
Yandlord/brand new/4 bdrs/floor heating/modern/lakeside/SIP (Industrial Park) July 24  20000 CNY Donghualin street
SIP,next to suzhou pants,mavellous lakeview,2br 2baths,excellent decoration, (Industrial Park) July 22  28000CNY xinggang street
Harmony Residence/Time Square/subway station/2 bdrs/Shopping mall (Industrial Park) July 22  9000 Huachi Street
Suzhou Center/brand new/lakeview/central ac+floor heating (Industrial Park) July 22  7000 Suhui Road
Eslite Apartment/2 bdrs/near time square/subway/face Jinji Lake (Industrial Park) July 22  13000 West Suzhou Avenue
SIP,dushu lake, great 2br,2baths,almost brand new, lakeview, line 2 (Industrial Park) July 22  6500CNY qiyue street
Bayside Garden, floor heating 4rooms, high quality furniture, very mature complex (Industrial Park) July 22  17000CNY linglong street
Horizon resort, well kept 3br, 2baths,central a/c, only7000,good price (Industrial Park) July 22  7000CNY xinghan street
Beatutiful apartments brandnew for rent in Suzhou SIP/ Central airconditioner /MODERN STYLE (Suzhou) July 22  5000 xiandai avenue
Time's city/Close to AEON,Metro Line one/station/4bed/2bath (Suzhou) July 22  7500 xiandai avenue
Time's city/ Brand new apartment in SIP/ 4bed/2bath/ well kept/ nice landlord (Suzhou) July 22  7000 xiandai avenue
SIP,Time City,first time for rent 4rooms,near SSIS, metro (Industrial Park) July 21  6500CNY zhongnan street
Time city/near metro/4 rooms/neighborhood center/shopping mall (Industrial Park) July 21  6500 zhong nan street
Bayside garden/3 rooms/143 sqm/near time square/beside Jinji Lake (Industrial Park) July 21  6000 Linglong Street
Lakeside Palace, floor heating 4rooms, modern, good condition, mature complex, near metro ,lake (Industrial Park) July 21  7000CNY xiandai avenue
Bayside Garden/3brms/lakeview/floor heating/kind landlord (Suzhou) July 21  8000 -
Bayside Garden/3brms/lakeview/floor heating/kind landlord (Suzhou) July 21  8000 -
Central park,xinghu metro,Times square, nice 4rooms, new neighbourhood center,gym (Industrial Park) July 21  6500CNY xing hu street
SIP, dushu lake, nice open 1br,central a/c, 30mins walking distance to Livepool university (Industrial Park) July 21  4500CNY qiyue street
Hengyu Plaza/2brms/SIP CBD/close to Xinghai plaza/metro (Suzhou) July 20  11000 xingyuan street
Xinghu Residence/near Xjtlu/nice lakeview/metro/central ac (Industrial Park) July 20  4800 Qiyue Street
East Side Garden/brand new/central ac+floor heating/close to metro (Industrial Park) July 20  5000 alina.ma@ahomeagency.com
The Lakeview/beside Jinji Lake with wonderful lakeview/easy shopping way (Industrial Park) July 20  10000 Xing Gang Street
The lakeview, fabulous lakeview,simple style 3rooms,built inove, free gym ,pool (Industrial Park) July 20  8500CNY xinggang street
Eslite Residence at Times Sqaure, excellent 1br, wonderful lakeview,high-quality furniture (Industrial Park) July 20  12000CNY yuelang jie
Bayside garden/first rent/central ac+floor heating/wonderful lakeview (Industrial Park) July 19  10000 Linglong Street
Rose Bay/3 bdrs duplex/beside Jinji Lake/nice lakeview/Sam Club (Industrial Park) July 19  12000 Xinghu Street
Jinghope Apartment/hotel standard/near time square/metro (Industrial Park) July 19  7000 Xizhou street
Jinghope apartment/2brms/nice view/soft bed/kind landlord (Suzhou) July 19  7000 Xinghu street
Eslite Apartment/lakeside/brand new/modern style/floor heating/SIP (Industrial Park) July 19  10000 CNY Yue Lang street
Landmark skylight,well-kept 3br,2baths,xinghai square,near mero (Industrial Park) July 19  5200CNY xinghai street
Grace Residence,floor heating 2br,simple style,mature community (Industrial Park) July 19  6500CNY hezhong street
Moon bay/2bedrooms/brand new/modern style/fully furnished/Du shu lake area (Suzhou) July 18  4500 Xinghu street
Xing hu mansion/Dushu lake/near to XJTLU/ dushu lake library/nice view (Suzhou) July 18  4800 wenjing road
Xinghu Residence/central AC/close to XJTLU/hotel standard apartment (Industrial Park) July 18  4800 Yueliangwan Road
Upper lakeshore/3bedrooms+1bathroom/fully furnished (Suzhou) July 18  8500 -
Beatutiful apartments brandnew for rent in Suzhou SIP/ Central airconditioner and floor heating (Suzhou) July 18  7500 xiandai avenue
Harmony residence at Times square, east lake CBD, floor heating 2br (Industrial Park) July 18  9000CNY huachi street
Full lakeview/brand new/3 bdrs/modern furniture/gym/pool/SIP (Industrial Park) July 18  7000 CNY Xinggang street
High-Tech Compound, SIP,constant temperature,near traditional historiacal street,very nice surroundi (Industrial Park) July 18  5000CNY jinliang street
Bailin Mansion/Xinghai Square/4 bdrs/modern furniture/well-kept/SIP (Industrial Park) July 18  8500 CNY Suhui Road
Dushu lake Xinghu Mansion /2brs/modern style/soft bed (Suzhou) July 17  5000 chuangyuan road
Landsea International Block/3brs/constant-temperature/very nice decoration (Suzhou) July 17  7000 jin liang street
SIP,dushu lake,Xinghu mansion,brand new 1br,nice furniture,soft matress,line 2 metro (Industrial Park) July 17  4500CNY tongda road
SIP,east lake,floor heating 3br, grace residence, high floor,modern, near jinji lake (Industrial Park) July 17  10000CNY hezhong street
BaiTang one,nice 2br, near metro,Times sqaure,simple modern,only 4100 (Industrial Park) July 17  4100CNY nan shi street
Moon bay,brand new 3rooms, modern,brand appicances, near XJ university,dushu lake (Industrial Park) July 17  5500CNY bada street