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Chinese/Mandarin School

Private 1-1 Mandarin Chinese Lessons are available now——C August 28
Learn Chinese mandarin with native Tutor——C (Yangpu District) August 25
Let me help you study Chinese Mandarin——C (Changning District) August 25
Private Chinese tutor available in shanghai——C (Changning District) August 25
Group Chinese Lessons Saving your Cost and Making friends! (Shanghai) (Shanghai) August 25
learn Chinese and make your life more easier and enjoyable in China——C (Zhabei District) August 24
Jiao in xue han yu- teach you Chinese——C (Luwan District) August 24
Learn Chinese Mandarin tutor here——C (Changning District) August 24
1-1/Group/Corporate Private Mandarin Chinese Lessons (Invoice Available) (Shanghai) August 23
Elementary | Conversational Chinese Improvement| HSK Prep| Business Chinese (flexible time/location) (Shanghai) August 23
Do you feel like learning some Chinese?——C (Jiading District) August 23
Experienced Chinese Tutor with Good Skills for Tutoring——C (Jing'an District) August 23
You Guide in the Journey of learning Chinese——C (Changning District) August 23
Private Chinese Lessons Personally Tailored for Satisifying your Needs! (Shanghai) August 22
Learning Chinese, Follow the great teacher—C (Yangpu District) August 21
Do you find out a qualified Chinese teacher——C August 21
Professional mandarin teacher with 6 years' experience——C (Jing'an District) August 21
Chinese threshold group classes of Shanghai MEIZHI MANDARIN School will open soon! You can Sign up n (shanghai xuhui disdrict westguangyuan road No45 ro) August 10
Professional 1 on 1 Mandarin Tutor Flexible Time & Location Available, 18201798178 (Shanghai) August 01
Only RMB95/hr for 1on 1 Chinese Class with Experienced Good Teacher! (At your convenience) (Shanghai) July 31
Chinese genius From the UK in this Chinese summer camp with his outstanding performance! (Changning District) July 28
To get fun Children's Chinese language Group course——A (Hongkou District) July 24
Group Chinese Language School in shanghai——B (Jing'an District) July 24
Certified, Qualified, Experienced Chinese Teacher——A (Xuhui District) July 24
Focuses on solving the problem of studying mandarin for local foreigners with online course! (Changning District) July 24
Build up your confidence; keep you motivated in your Chinese skills (Shanghai) July 21
An experienced mandarin tutor——A (Luwan District) July 21
Amazing Chinese mandarin teacher is waiting for you——A (Zhabei District) July 21
Part-time Chinese Tutor available——A (Jing'an District) July 21
Foreigners are confused about the spoken and writing, HSK is such a difficulty (Changning District) July 21
Full-Time Mandarin Chinese Tutoring, Flexible Schedule/Location/Rates (Invoice Available) (Shanghai) July 21
Master Survival Mandarin Chinese within 40 Hours (Shanghai) July 21
Tailored Chinese Courses achieve goals of all learners at all levels! (Shanghai and Global) (Shanghai) July 20
Flexible and Affordable Chinese lesson——A (Jing'an District) July 19
Professional Mandarin Chinese Tutor——A (Jing'an District) July 19
1 on 1 Chinese lesson——A (Jing'an District) July 19
Foreigners Learn Mandarin with it’s part time, Start with the Difficulties! (Changning District) July 19
Guaranteed Chinese lesson——A (Luwan District) July 18
Qualified Chinese language tutor——A (Jing'an District) July 18
1-to-1 Mandarin Chinese Teacher in Shanghai ——A (Jing'an District) July 18
Do you want to receive the most natural and easy Chinese learning? (Changning District) July 18
The beginning of the transformation of Chinese learning philosophy in Chinese Schools July 17
Chinese Study: Tailored, Effective, Professional, Flexible, Affordable (Shanghai and Worldwide) (Shanghai) July 14
1 on 1 Mandarin lessons, and group lessons.——A (Yangpu District) July 14
Are you looking for a professional mandarin tutor——A? (Jing'an District) July 14
Feel the fiery roar of the summer,Chinese summer camp waiting for you! (Changning District) July 14
Feel the fiery roar of the summer,Chinese summer camp waiting for you! (Changning District) July 14
Let the Chinese summer camp help you to tide over difficulties of learning Chinese (Changning District) July 13
A Highly Recommended Professional Chinese Language School (Shanghai) July 13
Patient, easygoing Chinese Mandarin teacher——A (Yangpu District) July 12