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Apt/Flat for Rent(by Agent)

Title Monthly RentAddress
SIP/1bdrs/1baths/floor heating+central AC/Jinji Lakeview (Suzhou) December 30  11000 -
Suzhou Center/1bdrms/1bath/Xinghai square/shopping mall/metro (Suzhou) December 30  6100 -
Platinum Apartment/1 bed/near metro/near Xinghai square December 30  5000 RMB West of Jinji lake, near Xinghai square
Suzhou Center/2bdrms/2bath/Xinghai square/shopping mall/metro (Suzhou) December 30  35000 -
The lakeview/brand new 2 bdr/close to subway line 3/near ligongdi (Industrial Park) December 28  6500 RMB xinggang street
Baitang one residence/2bed/near metro/with nice park view December 28  4500 the east of Jinji lake, baitang street
HLCC/lakeview/1bdr/gym/modern furnitures/business center/CBD (Suzhou) December 28  7000 -
Bayside Garden/5 bdr/metro/near schools/floor heating (Industrial Park) December 27  18000 SIP
HLCC/lakeview/2 bdrs/gym/modern furnitures/business center/CBD (Suzhou) December 27  5000 -
Spring Symphony/Fully-Furnished 1 Bedroom Apartment/Next to Xinghai Square (Industrial Park) December 27  5500 99 SUHUI RD,SUZHOU INDUSTRIAL PARK DISTRICT
Eastside Garden/ America-style in SIP/ 3bed/2bath/ well kept/ nice landlord (Industrial Park) December 27  8000 RMB dongshahu street
HlCC/1 bdr apartment/central AC/time Square/metro station (Industrial Park) December 27  5300 RMB sian street
BaitangOneResidence/Large 4 Bdrms Apt in SIP/Valuable Price! (Industrial Park) December 27  5300 -
Landsea international Block/3rms/constant temputure/nearssis (Industrial Park) December 27  5800 Suzhou
Marina cove garden/floor ht/dishwasher/ near suzhou center (Industrial Park) December 27  8000 Suzhou
BaitangOneResidence/Large 4 Bdrms Apt in SIP/Valuable Price! (Industrial Park) December 27  5300 33 BAITANG ROAD, SUZHOU INDUSTRIAL PARK
lakeview apartment in Lakeview to rent/3bdrs/near subway line 3 (Wuzhong District) December 26  9000 -
GCL 1 bdr apartmenr to rent/ CBD area/ near subway station (Industrial Park) December 26  5500 RMB xingqi street
Youngor City/brand new/3rms/swimming pool/near Culture Expo (Industrial Park) December 26  4800 Suzhou
Horizen Resort/Newly renovated 2 bedrooms in SIP/Close to SuzhouCenter and Metro (Industrial Park) December 26  7000 88 SUXIU ROAD, SUHZOU INDUSTRIAL PARK
Suzhou centre/floor heating/central ac/brand new/metro/ (Industrial Park) December 26  7800 SIP
Bayside garden/floor heating/dishwasher/swimming pool/lakevi (Industrial Park) December 26  9000 Suzhou
Bayside garden/gym/pool/brand new/modern style/3 bdrs/2 baths (Suzhou) December 26  8000 -
Youngor City/2bdrs+1bath/Jinji Lake/82sqm/central AC (Suzhou) December 26  4200 -
P Nice 3bdrs/high floor with fantastic lakeview/near culture&expo center (Industrial Park) December 25  20000 -
Legendary Mansion/ brand new/ 3rms&2baths/ dish washing&oven (Industrial Park) December 25  6500 Suzhou
Xinghu mansion / Dushu lake/ Suzhou SIP/ brandnew apartment/ first time to rent/ near higher educati (Industrial Park) December 25  6000RMB yueliangwan road
Baitang No.1/2bdrs/1bath/first rent/well-kept/shopping mall (Suzhou) December 25  4000 -
Lakeview apartment in horizon to rent/3bdrs/near xinghai square&suzhou center (Wuzhong District) December 25  13000 -
Marina Cove garden/floor heating/open kitchen/modernsty/bars (Industrial Park) December 25  8000 Suzhou
Presidential Palace/central ac+floor-heating+built- in oven/next to SSIS (Industrial Park) December 24  13800 Zhongnan Street
The Living Bank/4bdrms/Time square/floor-heating/dood decoration (Suzhou) December 24  5800 -
SIP/3roms/1baths/floor-heating/metro/Open Kitchen (Suzhou) December 24  7200 -
The Summit/1bedrs/1bath/floor-heating/Central AC (Suzhou) December 24  6800 -
Global 188/3bdrs/2bath/157sqm/central AC/xinghai square (Suzhou) December 24  10000 -
Lakeside Palace/ brand new/ 4rms/floor heating/ near metro (Industrial Park) December 23  9300 Suzhou
G plaza/brand new/floor heating/service apartment/times (Industrial Park) December 23  7500 Suzhou
Summit Residence 2-bdr apartment to rent/CBD area/near metro station/good night view (Industrial Park) December 23  12000 RMB suzhou avenue
High floor with floor-heating/3bdrs/near blue marline/west of jinji lake (Wuzhong District) December 23  22000 -
Horizon Resort/modern style/lakeview/3 bdrs/well-kept/CBD (Suzhou) December 23  12000 -
Bayside garden 1bdr apartment to rent/CBD area/near metro station and time square (Industrial Park) December 21  3300 ling long street
Galaxy Centro/SIP/3bdrs+1baths/floor heating/metro/Jinji Lakeview (Suzhou) December 21  5000 -
Baitang One garden/ 4beds/ great apartment for rent in suzhou SIP (Industrial Park) December 21  7000 -
Skyline/1 br/central AC/near metro/nice park view December 21  5500 RMB East of Jinji lake, Nanshi street
The Lakeview 2 bedrooms/fully furnished/modern style apartment for rent (Industrial Park) December 21  6500RMB -
The Lakeview 2 bedrooms/fully furnished/modern style for rent (Industrial Park) December 21  6500RMB -
Harmony Residence/3rms/floor heating/metro/near times (Industrial Park) December 21  7500 Suzhou
Landmark Skylight/3rms/fully furnished/ the camel/xinghai sq (Industrial Park) December 21  6000 Suzhou
Bayside garden/gym/pool/brand new/modern style/3 bdrs/2 baths (Suzhou) December 21  12000 -

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