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Apt/Flat for Rent(by Agent)

Title Monthly RentAddress
Baitang No.1/central ac+floor-heating/brand new first rent (Industrial Park) October 23  5400 Baitang Road
Horizon resort/ awesome 3bed/2bath apartment/well kept/fully furnished/central A.C/floor heating October 22  7000 -
Bayside garden/313 sqm/central ac+floor heating/full lakeview (Industrial Park) October 20  28000 Linglong Street
Phoenix apt/3 bdrs/modern style/high floor/CBD area/well-kept (Industrial Park) October 20  10000 CNY suya Road
East Side Garden/ central Ac+floor heating/ fully furnished (Industrial Park) October 20  8500 Suzhou
new apartment, metro station, big ecological garden October 20  4500 Suzhou
Join in the Grand/nice 3 bdrs/with great lake view (Industrial Park) October 19  7000RMB -
Royal Lakefront house for rent/3 bedrooms/close to Jinji Lake (Industrial Park) October 19  7000RMB -
nice service apartment in Timesquare/ Suzhou SIP CBD/ brand new apartment/ first time to rent/floor (Industrial Park) October 19  6000 -
nice service apartment in Timesquare/ Suzhou SIP CBD/ brand new apartment/ first time to rent/floor October 19  6500 -
Lakeshore Garden/ fully furnished/ floor heating/ well kept (Industrial Park) October 19  6000 Suzhou
Eslite/1 bedrooms/high floor/nice view/near Time Square (Industrial Park) October 18  11000RMB -
Jinji Lake Garden金鸡湖花园/3 bdrs/the most clostest to Lake (Industrial Park) October 18  11000RMB -
Time's city/ Brand new apartment in SIP/ 3bed/2bath/ well kept/ nice landlord October 18  7000 -
East Side Garden/ floor heating/ well-kept/ near metro (Industrial Park) October 18  5000 Suzhou
Landmark Skylight/marriage house first rent/Suzhou Center/Lakeview (Industrial Park) October 18  8000 Xinghan Street
Great 3 bedrooms apartment Just beside Jinji lake/ Pretty high green area (Industrial Park) October 18  9000 -
The lakeview/ fully furnished/ well-kept/ nice lakeview (Industrial Park) October 18  5000 Suzhou
The Elegant Character Architecture/nice 3 rooms for rent (Industrial Park) October 17  5000RMB -
Lakeside Palace/4 bedrooms+2 bathrooms/161sqm/lakeview (Industrial Park) October 17  9000RMB -
Hlcc/ first time to rent/ central AC+floor heating/ lakeview (Industrial Park) October 17  7000 Suzhou
Bayside Garden/ 3rms&2baths/ floor heating/ well-kept (Industrial Park) October 17  7000 Suzhou
Royal Park Mansion/ first time to rent/ fully furnished (Industrial Park) October 16  8000 Suzhou
Royal Lakefront 4 rooms apartment for rent (Industrial Park) October 16  11000 Xingzhou Street, SIP, Suzhou
Time City/ firsti time to rent/ floor heating&central AC (Industrial Park) October 16  6000 Suzhou
Lakeside Palace/2 bedrooms/100sqm/nice price (Industrial Park) October 16  - -
Park Mansion/ 4rms&2baths/ floor heating&central AC/near metro (Industrial Park) October 15  8000 Suzhou
Yonger City/ 3rms&2baths/ first time to rent/ well-kept (Industrial Park) October 15  5000 Suzhou
Bayside Garden/ 2rms+1bath/ well-kept/ fully furnished (Industrial Park) October 15  4500 Suzhou
Yanlord Double bay/ Suzhou SIP/ 3bed/2bath brandnew apartment/ first time to rent/ near Higher educa October 15  10000 -
Sky Line Apartment for rent/1 bedroom+ 1 bathroom +1 livingroom (Industrial Park) October 15  5600RMB -
Four Seasons Garden / Fully furnished/3 beds / Near xinghai square/Convenient lifestyle October 13  6000 -
International Paradiyse Bay/2 bedroom+ 1 bathroom/near Sam's Club (Industrial Park) October 13  6000RMB -
Golden Lough/townhouse/floor-heating/first rent/well-kept/Jinji Lake (Industrial Park) October 13  18000 Jinji Lake Avenue
Lakeside Palace/ fully furnished/ brand new/perfect lakeview (Industrial Park) October 13  12000 Suzhou
Bayside Garden/fully furnished/ perfect lakeview/ nice price (Industrial Park) October 12  7500 Suzhou
East Side Garden/ 4bedrooms/ floor heating/ brand new (Industrial Park) October 12  7000 Suzhou
3 brs&2 baths/nice lakeview/fully furnished/Times square October 12  - -
Lakeside palace/2 bdrs/well-kept/metro/Time Square/SIP (Industrial Park) October 12  5000 CNY Hezhong street
Join in the grand/nice lakeview/floor heating/luxury furniture (Suzhou) October 12  - -
Harmony Residence/ well-kept/ near Time Square&metro (Industrial Park) October 12  7500 Suzhou
Park Mansion/ brand new/ first time to rent/ floor heating (Industrial Park) October 12  10000 Suzhou
Lakeshore garden/ nice 4bed/3bath/ fully furnished/ pool/gym/bars available October 12  16000 金湖湾
Globe 188/ serviced apartments for rent/ luxuary decoration/ fully furnished/Full lakeview October 12  7000 -
royal lakefront /4rooms/180sqm/UK landlord (Industrial Park) October 11  10000 -
Marina cove/spacious 4 bed/2bath/laview apartment/first time to rent/resonable price (Industrial Park) October 11  30000 Marina Cove
Lakeside palace/ in SIP/ 3bed/2bath/ well kept/ nice landlord/first time to rent (Industrial Park) October 11  18000 -
Bayside Garden for rent (Suzhou) October 11  - -
Green Lake Garden for rent (Suzhou) October 11  20000 -
Green Lake Garden for rent (Suzhou) October 11  - -

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